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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to have my chimney swept?

This depends on a number of factors, starting with the type of fuel used:

  • Wood-burning: to supplement or as a main source of heat undoubtedly requires an
    annual inspection or cleaning. A good chimney professional can help determine this
    based on your burning habits, such as type of wood burned and chimney condition. Burning one to two cords of wood is often a good gauge.
  • Gas flues: gas is a clean burning fuel; however, today's high efficiency gas furnaces
    create some problems. The temperatures are much cooler and higher levels of water
    vapor are produced. The water vapor contains chlorides and combines to form hydrochloric acid, which accelerates the deterioration process inside the flue. Often times, blockages and collapses occur. This can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide fumes entering the home.
  • Oil flues: venting problems exist with many chimneys. Sooty build-up leads to blockages and obstructed flue passages. Routine maintenance is required to the heating system and to the chimney, which vents it. Developing a history with a chimney professional will help determine the chimney make up and how frequent you should have the venting system inspected.

Is it a messy job?

Your home should never be compromised during cleaning. Precautions are made with the use
of a specially designed vacuum which enters the system and controls the soot and dust from entering your home.

What happens during a chimney cleaning?

During a chimney sweep service, the chimney professional removes all brushable soot and creosote from the venting system. Your chimney sweep should also inspect accessible portions of the chimney to determine whether additional concerns exist or higher level of inspection is required.

How long does it take to sweep a chimney?

The average chimney cleaning and inspection takes about an hour.

Is there a difference in chimney sweeps?

A few factors should be considered when hiring a chimney sweep:
How long has the company been in business? This is the first thing that should be considered. Your friends and neighbors rely on good companies that grow stronger through the years. Experience counts! References should be available from the company

Does my furnace technician clean the chimney for our furnace/boiler?

No! Many people believe that the technician who services their furnace/boiler cleans their
chimney because the pipe that leads to the chimney gets removed. This is not must call a reputable chimney company to perform a chimney cleaning.

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